Prepare your data center for the future. Simplify IT. Overcome your professional challenges Get the agility and evolution you need to support your organization's long-term strategy

Our data center solutions are scalable, standards-based take advantage of your current technology while seamlessly incorporating innovations tailored to your needs:

Remote technical support Elimination of redundancies and unification of management

Accelerate IT Service Delivery

Reduced operating costs and improved performance

Our end-to-end data center solutions are designed to help your business dynamically adapt to change, now and in the years to come.
Our data center solutions allow you to have a solid platform allowing you to run all business applications such as ERP, directory services, communication, collaboration, etc. They also offer backup solutions allowing to preserve company data and protect it against any loss that could cause harm.

Converged solution:

Arcan Networks offers you the converged infrastructure which is a solution of infrastructures pre-configured and pre-validated at the factory, which combine servers, storage, network equipment and sometimes software. They are delivered ready to use.

Data backup and protection:

Our data backup and protection solutions can help you exceed your business expectations your business in terms of data recovery, reduce your storage costs, secure your confidential data, meet regulatory obligations and eliminate your infrastructure hyperspecialized backup tools. Protect all your data, without exception thanks to our powerful and easy-to-use solutions. exception thanks to our powerful and easy-to-use solutions.

Servers and Storage:

ARCAN NETWORKS offers a full range of servers, as well as upgrades. Rack, tower, and blade servers are feature-rich platforms directly inspirées par les besoins des clients et conçues pour offrir les performances et la polyvalence dont they need to meet any challenge, regardless of the structure in which they work: small business or very large environment. Meet your storage needs with our wide range of solutions, with architectures modern hardware, innovative software tools and end-to-end services. Whatever your need: Flash technologies optimized for performance, enclosures very dense storage or software-defined (SDS) or traditional storage solutions, we help you choose the solution that best meets your business needs.

Hyperconverged solution:

This is the new trend in solutions on the market, based on a unified software-defined system that combines all the elements of a traditional data center: storage, compute, network and management. This integrated solution uses servers and software, which replace the dedicated and expensive hardware. Arcan Networks offers this solution for you by reducing the complexity of your data centers by increasing its stability.


Our virtualization solutions allow you to reduce costs, optimize administration and save space. Our virtualization solutions cover:

Server virtualization

Desktop virtualization

Storage virtualization

Network virtualization


Today's applications require a new approach to network architecture. Our network network are based on open standards and allow you to adopt a modern and not owner. Our forward-looking network management solutions help you:

Improve network performance

Reduce network management costs

Stay flexible to adopt innovations


IT infrastructure is the foundation of your business. Everything depends on it, and its management takes up a large part of your business time. Critical infrastructure includes data center services such as virtualization and network, customer services such as as customer management and security, security and identity services such as access and information control, IT processes and compliance. All this works together to support your business. Our infrastructure solutions give you a solid foundation on which to build all your database, communication, collaboration, security, ERP applications, …


Our communication solutions allow you to organize and manage all the exchanges of company employees. Our enterprise messaging solutions are the solutions of choice for businesses that want to foster collaboration and increase their productivity. Arcan Networks allows you to achieve your goals while controlling deployment costs, administration and compliance. We offer you a wide range of options for deployment, to protect you against loss of information and to help you comply with regulatory constraints.


The collaboration solutions offered by ARCAN NETWORKS facilitate teamwork and generate significant savings on premises and in the cloud by providing the best possible productivity experience on computer, phone and browser. Give your employees the freedom to work together using familiar tools and employ methods that suit their needs.
Empower your teams to succeed thanks to shared workspaces and information adapted to roles and ways of working, to collaborate in real time to create and edit documents, share, find and network content through the functions social computing.