Installing and deploying a solution can be very taxing on your business, unless you leave it to our expert teams. We'll take care of everything from logistics and secure disposal for your data, to installation and data migration. So you and your IT team can focus on the strengths that your technological tools offer you.


The analysis is a preliminary study carried out by our specialized team, which consists in collecting the needs in order to arrive at the design of the solutions to be deployed and the planning of all the operations to be carried out on the basis of a contract making it possible to clearly delimit the perimeter


Based on detailed planning, our engineers install the equipment properly, while ensuring the required environment is respected. They then begin to deploy solutions on the server side. On the workstation side, a few PCs are deployed to test the correct functioning of the solutions. As a general rule and by mutual agreement with the customer, the rest of the workstations are left to the care of the customer’s IT team who assisted in the deployment and thus benefited from a transfer of skills. The realization ends with the tests and the commissioning. A provisional acceptance report (PV) is signed contradictorily by the customer’s services, mentioning any reservations that must be lifted.