ARCAN NETWORKS as an important player in the field of security, puts a wide range of solutions at your disposal covering all levels of the corporate network.

Protection of workstations and servers:

The increasing sophistication of cyber threats calls for a new generation of security solutions. endpoint protection. Ever-increasing threats and increased risk of vulnerabilities unknown factors force companies to deploy redundant security solutions rather than integrated systems that offer limited visibility and become more and more complex to manage. Our endpoint protection solutions are based on static and behavioral analysis and on synthesized cyber intelligence information to prevent, detect, correct and adapt the protection to combat emerging threats.

Infrastructure protection:

Our infrastructure protection solutions allow you to secure the corporate network at the perimeter by deploying Next Generation Firewall, Network IPS, Sandbox Solution, Web Gateway, and Email Gateway solutions.

Data protection:

Mobility and cloud services are now an integral part of today's dynamic business environment. While these developments offer undeniable advantages, the traditional concept of centralizing data within a clearly defined network perimeter has all but disappeared. To reap the benefits of this secure decentralization, businesses need effective visibility and control over the flow and use of data, wherever it may be.
With data protection and encryption solutions, you can protect data, preserve intellectual property, and ensure compliance. Our solutions ensure the protection of sensitive data wherever it is used: on site, in in the cloud or on terminals.


We provide solutions to effectively manage security through deep integration into the system stack and across the IT environment. The enterprise security management platform gives you global contextual visibility into events while providing a multi-product command and control center.
Intelligently correlate contextual data in real time dynamics derived from global cyber intelligence, business risk data and data on the security level of your systems. This association of cyber-watch on threats and risk management instantly blocks damaging attacks and lets you to adapt your protection according to the evolution of risks.