Despite the simplicity of our solutions and the competence of the customer's IT staff, there is still a need to provide training to enable the rapid and efficient support of the services deployed.

The training can be done in two modes:

Skills transfer

The transfer of skills to the site during installation, provided by our deployment staff in the presence of customer staff, on the installed equipment.

Classroom training

Classroom training takes place at our premises.
This training covers aspects related to the deployment, administration and maintenance of the solutions deployed. Theoretical and practical sessions provide participants with all the
knowledge and skills required. It also allows administrators to soak up the jargon that will make it easier for them to
communication with technical support services.
At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

▪ Ensure the deployment of solutions.
▪ Ensure the administration of the deployed solutions
▪ Ensure the maintenance of the solutions deployed